I couldn't put the book down, the pages came alive as the author explored the hypocrisy of church and its members.


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While using a "MegaChurch" as the background this book keeps you riveted with tales of sex, lies, deceit, drugs, extra marital affairs, and plenty of family drama. 


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From beginning to end, “Order” lays the church on its back to allow the reader to see its underbelly.


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Order In The House


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This book is perpetually alarming. It's drama filled impact exposes, sexual abuse, cheating and heart wrenching church conflicts hidden behind closed doors and swept under the rug for generations.

Our Story

A Few Words About Us

An Expression Is Created

"What happens, when the place you run to for refuge, is the place administering the abuse?" Angela asked.


Dramatic Church Encounters Enclosed

Sexual Harassment, Suicide, Adultery, Abuse, Scandal, Murder DRAMATIZATION.

Heart wrenching conflicts hidden behind closed doors and swept under the rug for generations. 




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